QFKC, as the peak body for all Foster and Kinship Carers in Queensland, will provide a support and or advocacy service to any carer regardless of whether they are a member of our organisation.  However being a member of QFKC does have benefits, you will receive our Reporter magazine bi-monthly which provides you up-to-date information in relation to the Child Protection community including any new policy advice that affects foster and kinship carers, projects that are running, carer surveys and the list goes on.  We also welcome the input from members for Reporter magazine articles, so your feedback and suggestions will always be welcome.

Queensland Foster and Kinship Care Inc. Rules effective from September 2019 can be downloaded here

Membership fees help to cover the cost of producing the Reporter magazine. Each membership year runs from the time of application for the full period selected. 

  • 1 Year   $15
  • 2 Years $25
  • 5 Years $50

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