Kinship Care

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Grandparent Advisers

Grandparent Advisers provide extra support for non-parent carers, including grandparents, foster carers and kinship carers who have taken on parental responsibilities for children.

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Family Caring for Family

If Child Safety becomes involved with a family related to you, and they are talking with you about the possibility of being formally approved to care for the children, then this information guide is for you.

This guide draws on their experiences and thoughts to help you decide whether you can support your family by caring for children related to you.

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Kinship Care Program Description

Kinship Care is a care arrangement that is anticipated to grow in Australia.

The Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (Child Safety) recognises that kinship care is an essential care arrangement type within an integrated system and is committed to its legislative responsibility to preserve children and young people’s family connections and promote their well-being. With this in mind, a considered approach towards identifying, assessing, supporting and resourcing kinship carers is required.

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