Carer Survey Report

From June - December 2016, Foster and Kinship Carers were invited to provide their feedback through the Foster Care Qld Carer Survey.  

The responses provided by carers in this survey greatly assist us to identify strengths and areas of concern that will contribute towards the development of initiatives that can assist now and in the future. The responses also assist us to work with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and Foster and Kinship Care agencies to improve systems and practice in all areas as we continue to strive for excellence in an ever increasingly difficult environment. 

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Exit Interview Report

This report brings Foster Care Queensland (here after referred to as FCQ) to the end of our nineth year managing the Exit Interview Program.

FCQ received a total of 654 Exit Interview referrals for the period 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017.

319 of the total were Foster Carers, 317 of the total were Kinship Carers, 14 were Provisional Carers and 4 did not state their carer status.

Reports are available for download by region as follows:

Brisbane Region

South East Region

South West Region

North Coast Region

Central Queensland Region

North Queensland Region

Far North Queensland Region


Financial Survey Report

The Crime and Misconduct Commission made 110 recommendations as part of their extensive review into the Child Protection system in 2003, two of these recommendations related to reimbursement to carers for the cost of care as follows:

Recommendation 7.32

That Foster carers receive appropriate remuneration to cover the actual costs of caring for a child, as well as receiving additional payments to attend training as required and pay the associated costs of child care and transport for such training

Recommendation 7.34

That the allocation of any additional payments (eg child-related expenses, high support needs allowance) be on a needs basis, rather than on regional resource allocations....

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