Smoke Alarm Initiative

In 2017, Housing and Public Works announced an initiative with Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs, that would be rolled out across Queensland for Foster and Kinship Carers, that would see carers who owned their own home have smoke alarms installed in their home that met the newly introduced smoke alarm legislation that was introduced in January 2017.

The Department of Housing and Public Works is the department that is actually managing the installation of these smoke alarms and many carers across Queensland received their first correspondence in respect to this initiative mid 2017.  There has been little communication since this time.

On the 4th of June 2018, QFKC, in partnership with Operational Support, Child Safety, met with Child Safety's key contact officer who is liaising with the Department of Housing and Public works, to receive an update as to what carers should expect in this space.

We are pleased to provide the following update:

*  Building  and Asset Services, which is a business arm of the Department of Housing and Public Works, has held an industry briefing across Queensland with local contractors.  The tender for contracts will not be given to one big corporate business, rather this initiative will support tenders from local business owners in your areas.

* Tenders will close mid June and installations will commence from 1st September 2018 and continue over a three year period until the end of 2021.

* The Department of Housing and Public Works will continue to receive updated lists of current carers from Child Safety to ensure currency of information.

* If you have submitted your paper work as requested with accompanying evidence of ownership (Rates bill), then the next contact you will have is from a local contractor in your area.  This will not be until at least September 2018 of this year and as stated above could be as much as three years away.

* Once you receive a call from the contractor in your area, they will arrange a 'Safety check' to be completed at your home.  This means that the contractor will come to your home and ensure the property is safe to work on i.e. free from asbestos and wiring meets safety requirements.

* If your home does not meet the Safety test, you will need to fix any identified issues at your own expense prior to the contractors coming back to complete installation.  If you do not fix the identified issues, there will be no installation.

* This initiative will only meet the cost of the installation. Any cosmetic issues that arise as a result of the installation will be at the expense of the carer i.e. if an existing smoke alarm is not needed, it will simply be disconnected, if you don’t wish to have it there anymore, you will need to remove and patch / paint at own expense.

* Updated letters are currently being put together for carers who may not have been on the list provided to the Department of Housing and Public Works last year. So if you don’t have a letter, you should receive one in the very near future.

* If you have any further questions that have not been answered by this update, you can email the following email address - please note however that this email address is not monitored daily so it may be some time before you get a response.